About Us

Our Story

ADI The toddler house is a manufacturer of reusable kids activity books with a wide range of collections. Started a year before and got 1600+ cute little clients. It is a small business owned by myself Aarthy. I’m a mom of a 3.5-year-old daughter, struggled to engage her in the early days because she is very active and curious to learn new things, and also, she never gives me a moment to do my daily work! SO, I went on the internet and found beautiful ways to engage them and created a beautiful bonding with her! I don’t want people to suffer from the same problem! I am sharing my knowledge on how I engaged her with my little hacks that kept her busy and learning the concepts with fun worksheets and activity books.

Why Moms Trusted Us ?

We are a small business located in a rural town owned by a mompreneur. All of our products are made on our home’s premises, that was constructed as our manufacturing facility. These books are completely handmade by a new mom, to help other moms with the aim to keep the kids engaged for a long time by reducing screen time. Our product can also be a perfect gift for your kids to learn all the concepts with joy.

Our outstanding performance has earned the trust of parents and resulted in the sale of over 100,000 books on Amazon, with recognition and awards to show for it.

100% Fun
Child Friendly
Environment Safe
Made by Mom to Mom
Toxin Free
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Why Us?

Research based

We design our products to support cognitive skills, fine motor skills, language development, logical thinking and problem solving skills.


Enjoy the hands-on process of making, then play! All are products provide hands on learning experience to kids.


Inspired by Montessori learning and STEM/STEAM, each TODDLER HOUSE kit is built by educational experts to help develop key skills.


We believe that education is for everyone, and each child should get benefitted from Innovative educational products. .